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An official website representing Allen ISD parents against boundary proposals.

Save Our Schools!

Allen ISD is moving forward with a boundary change proposal that plan to turn Anderson Elementary School into an Early Childhood Center and close D.L. Rountree Elementary School, which is not in the best interest of our students or community.

If Enacted:

If this proposal is enacted:

  • Student to teacher ratios will be negatively impacted by combining both elementary schools. Our students will receive less attention from their teachers if the class sizes increase.
  • Traffic around Olson and Anderson Elementary will increase. Anderson will turn into an Early Childhood Center which will bring in pre-schoolers from all over Allen. The Morningside neighborhood cannot support the dramatic increase of traffic for school drop-off in the morning.
  • Property values for neighboring homes to Anderson will decrease, as one of the major draws to these homes are their proximity to an elementary school in a walkable neighborhood with a low student to teacher ratio.

What you can do to help:

We need you to tell Allen ISD that you DO NOT support this boundary change proposal and want our students to remain at Anderson and Roundtree Elementary Schools.

  1. Sign the petition at at to save Anderson and Roundtree Elementary.

  2. Email the school board to tell them you DO NOT support the proposed boundary changes at:

  3. Attend Allen Independent School District Meetings

  4. Join our Facebook group “Save Our School - One Allen United” to stay up to date on the latest news in regards to the boundary proposals and how we can Save Our Schools

    'Save Our School - George J Anderson Elementary' Facebook QR Code Link

  5. Print and hand out flyers to get the word out to other parents who will be impacted!

    Download "Demand Better" Flyer PDF

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